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Secret recipe of soft purple rice + natural fermented sweet and sour yogurt with strong aromatic, high vitamin and also nutritious supply of healthy coarse grains.

Yomie's yogurt you can drink while chewing.

Sweet, tangy, and juicy fresh strawberries are blended with natural fermented yogurt.

The blend creates sweet and satisfying taste to your palate.

The aroma of rock sugar oatmeal scattering in the fragrant yogurt creates an amazing after taste.

It is also high in fiber which makes it a perfect nutrition partner for yogurt.

The blend of avocado and refreshing  yogurt is

a must try! This is yomie's teen's favorite drink.

The combination of super large jujube with yogurt makes a sweet fragrant taste. It's a secret code for beauty and also essential to maintain good health.

Sweet and juicy honeydew is gradually mixed into natural fermented yogurt,

resulting in invigorating taste

that is not greasy.

When sweet meets sour! Giving us a unique fragrant passion fruit in the summer day to refresh your mind and chase away all of your anxiety.

Our Freshly cooked premium red bean is made daily without any additives. It is rich, smooth, and packed

with flavors

With the best selection of hawthorn fruit that will wake your taste buds,

giving you an unforgettable "love at first taste"

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